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Contoh Essay PMR Bahasa Inggris

By : Muh. Wahyu Ramadhan

I still remember when I was invited to join PMR in SMAN 5 at the first time. I was invited by my senior in  Senior High school who was also my senior when I was in Junior High School, named Mbak Riske. She promoted PMR to me. At first I rejected it, because I thought it’s boring, it’s not interesting, etc. I asked her, what PMR is, what the activities are, is that boring?. She answered whole of my question with much attractive words which can make me changed my mind or in the other words I want to join it. Finally I decided to join PMR because of my friend’s allurement which were in PMR previously.

At the first day, there are just six members in PMR including me. I asked “ why there just a few of us? Does PMR really boring?”. Then, I asked Mbak Riske, and she answered that they were have no time to promote this extracurricular when we were in Student Orientation. I thought it can be the reason of it.

Each of new members will be inaugurated. The inauguration will be held in PMR’s camp which was held by FORPIS. I studied many things about PMR. And I thought that PMR was really interesting. I want to learn anything about PMR seriously and follow the activities.

At first, all of the members looked enthusiastic and energetic when did PMR’s activities. From the beginning, we just given materials liked the history of PMI, who Henry Dunant is, First Aid and etc. At that time, we lacked of  doing practice. After a few months, those spirit started to lesser. A few of members started to think that PMR is boring. They thought PMR is just to know the materials of PMR. And for each meeting, just there a few of members which come to practice.

Though the condition of PMR in SMAN5 was like that, I’m sure and believe that in the future PMR in SMAN5 is going to go forward and will known by everyone. Because I feel PMR is part of my life, so I want to keep it up though just there a few members in it. I always believe it and want to make PMR liked by everyone.

When we will participate in a competition for the first time, our senior did it for the first time too because in the former years there is no competition at all. Like a new student, we didn’t know how it’s feel because we didn’t have experience before. Because of the less of preparation, we just got two goblet of the champion. But, we’re still give thanks to Allah because we can get the experience in a competition and know what condition in camp is.

Since that, I feel PMR is really interesting and not boring. And the relationship of PMR’s members is really tight. I like the atmosphere of a competition too. My negative thought was lost in valuing PMR. My senior saw me always active in every activity in PMR, so they ask me to join to FORPIS. Though I’m not really know what FORPIS is, but I thought it will be fun and interesting. And then I asked What FORPIS looked like and is that Fun ?, My senior answered with two thumbs up and said “ It is really interesting !”

Since that, I always followed many activities in FORPIS though I will not as active as my senior. Especially when we were invited by SMA 6 to join the inauguration of their PMR. Those inauguration was held at Surau. I’m really glad because I was invited too with FORPIS senior, though I was just a new member. We camped there during few days. I felt that it was the True choice for joining PMR and FORPIS. The relationship between us is looked like as a family. Even if I become a FORPIS coordinator one day in the future

When Cendana Fair held at my school, for the first time we held a competition at our school and the name is PMRC. I’m very happy because we could be home at own school. I also felt how if we held a competition. So, I already know and understand that how the atmosphere if we held a PMR’s competition.

After a few months, we participate in a competition for the second time. I thought that in this competition we must get champion, could compete with the other schools. We were studied our competition experience before, what the lacks are and how we can compete with the other schools. I believe that PMR in SMAN 5 can do it if we really seriously. I want participate in a competition with do better than before.

If we really have aim, definite what we want to do will be materialized. So I’m very happy because our hard work finally got result. When we will participate in a competition, I given confidence by my senior to take part of that competition. I’m very happy and don’t want to waste in this opportunity.

I want to be a candidate of FORPIS coordinator because I feel able to be responsible in do duty. I also given confidence by senior to do it. I will not like this if not cause guidance and support from senior. I want make FORPIS be better. Not only coordinator and secretary active in FORPIS but all of members also active to participate all activity.

Demikianlah sekilas tentang contoh essay PMR dalam bahasa Inggris yang dapat gue smapaikan. Semoga bermanfaat :)

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